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The purpose of  this website is to show all Lottery Players how to “Play to Win!”   The frequently heard quote, “You’ve got to be in it to win it,” is absolutely true.  But, just being in it is not good enough.  As lottery ticket prices increase, You need to stop buying Quick Picks and start choosing better Lottery Numbers.  Your head is more than just a hat rack! Use your brain to select wisely chosen Lottery Numbers after looking at the most recent Lotto Number Trends plus their related Strategies. This methodology will always tilt Your Odds more favorably.  You can no longer afford to simply depend on pure luck by buying Quick Picks or Easy Picks that always give you the longest possible odds.

Discover this potentially rewarding armchair sport by reading the Lotto NumberTrends before you choose your numbers and enjoy the timely updated scoreboard (PDF’s 4 to 5 pages each) after every Lottery Drawing.  The goal in playing any Lottery should be to win the Jackpot without investing an extraordinary amount of money.   Try to win by tilting the odds in your favor as you become better informed so that you will play smarter, not harder.

These real time “Pick 6 Samples” were selected as ideal demonstrations because their drums contain the largest quantity of Lotto Numbers, thus portraying the longest odds. While all pick 6 Trends are similar, the odds will further be improved in other states where the drums contain a smaller number of balls. Therefore the Strategy for the Pick 6′s among most states is relevant while the Number Trends will be subject to interpolation when the quantity of Lottery Balls in the drums are substantially reduced.

The main features are the expanded Lottery Number Trends and Player Guides for Powerball® and Mega Millions®. Both national lotteries are currently offered by more than forty three states and are presented here with very timely updates for your analysis and enjoyment. 

Don’t miss the strategy for “Special Players” in the new Mega Millions Game, which became effective on October 19, 2013.

See how you can favorably tilt YOUR ODDS in a big way by becoming a “Special Player” so that you may share a significant fraction of a Mega Millions® Jackpot. Sharing a Jackpot is always better than nothing, therefore stop buying Quick Picks and team up, if need be.